Graham Townsley (Director) – Graham Townsley is an Emmy-nominated filmmaker whose documentaries have been shown on PBS, The Discovery Channel, The History Channel and The National Geographic in the U.S.; Canal + in France; Channel 4 and the BBC in England. He founded Shining Red Productions in 2008. He is also an anthropologist with a Ph.D from Cambridge University. The New York Times referred to his three-part 2009 PBS series “Becoming Human” as “compelling…a well-paced series, which keeps adding beautiful layers of complexity.”

Alejandra Nash (Executive Producer) – Integrating philanthropy and a commitment to community service into her daily life and vision, Alejandra has aided a variety of social causes, most recently putting her efforts behind Free Arts of Arizona through the documentary film Unleashing Creativity, which she co-directed. Landfill-Harmonic is her latest endeavor.

Rodolfo Madero (Executive Producer) – Rodolfo started Eureka Productions in 1993 in México. His work crossed frontiers by the end of the 90‘s when he established his production house in Phoenix, AZ. In 2004, Eureka made its debut in Adweek Magazine, being recognized as one of the 30 most important production houses in the US. As a film composer and Executive Producer; he has taken part in full length features, short films and documentaries.

Juliana Penaranda-Loftus (Producer) – Juliana Penaranda-Loftus’ career began working as a Production Assistant and Second Assistant Director for primetime television shows in Colombia. After completing her Bachelor’s degree, she moved to the United States. She then completed her Masters in film and video at American University in Washington, DC. After September 11, she directed and produced a documentary about Aid Afghanistan, an organization fighting for the right to educate women. She has also produced three feature films and established her own production company, Hidden Village Films. In 2012 she was one of 8 women selected by the American Film Institute for their Directing Workshop for Women.

Neil Barrett (Director of Photography) – Has worked on over 30 broadcast documentary films for National Geographic, BBC, PBS, Discovery, The History Channel,  NBC,  ABC and CNN. His films have been shown at the Sundance, Tribeca, Toronto, Fullframe,  SilverDocs, Jackson Hole and Los Angeles Film Festivals.  Three of his feature documentaries—”The Woodmans” (2010), “The Other City” (2009), and “Kicking it” (2008)– have been released theatrically in the United States.

Jorge Maldonado (Co-Producer and Editor) is the Creative Director and Co-founder of Hyperactive Productions, a Washington DC based production company specializing in Video production, broadcast design, motion graphics, animation, visual effects and bilingual voice-overs. His television credits include Discovery Networks, PBS and The Smithsonian Channel. He has also worked on numerous projects for organizations such as Conservation International, The World Bank, The Gates Foundation, Citi Group, and the Pew Foundation.

Jennifer Redfearn (Consulting Producer) directed the 2011 Oscar nominated documentary Sun Come Up. Sun Come Up aired on HBO, garnered multiple festival awards, and has screened in over 500 educational communities worldwide. She is currently directing The Blind Cinema Club, in Havana Cuba. Over the past seven years, she has produced documentaries for National Geographic, CNN, the Discovery Channel, TLC, and for educational and online distribution.

Tim Fabrizio (Additional Director of Photography) – Tim Fabrizio is a cinematographer in New York City. Getting his start in his native Washington, DC, Tim has over 10 years of experience shooting narrative feature films, commercials, and documentaries. Tim’s work for PBS, Discovery Channel and National Geographic took him all over the globe from the deck of an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf and favelas in Brazil, to the shores of Northern France, the metropolis of Tokyo, and the rivers of India. Tim uses his experience from the narrative film world in his documentary work by creating cinematic images that tell real stories about the lives of people and the world they live in.

Monica Barrios (Associate Producer)

Mónica Barrios has been freelancing in the non-fiction television industry for over seven years. She has worked for National Geographic, Discovery Channel, PBS and the Smithsonian Channel where she has collaborated with award winning documentary filmmakers.


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  1. an inspiring clip, I must say. Pulling Bach out of a cello that was once discarded trash . . . quite aside from admiring the determination of these kids (and their parents), it certainly makes a point about finding and making music everywhere (never blame the instrument!). As one girl in the trailer said: “My life would be meaningless without music”.

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